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Cool Mum Super Dad

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Title: Cool Mum Super Dad

Author: Jamilah Samian

ISBN Number: 983-3364-16-0

For many parents, the moment a child is born, a question pops up: Now what? Since time immemorial, parenting means different things to different people. To some, it’s a source of delight, bliss and contentment from day one. To others, it’s a bitter sweet, sometimes mind-boggling affair, full of surprises, that stretches them to the limit virtually every minute of the day. Cool Mum Super Dad is written especially with the latter in mind.


  • What makes a mom cool and a dad super
  • Who the happiest and most fulfilled parents are
  • How little things can make a big difference in parenting
  • How your personal history and upbringing define the way you parent
  • Why the relationship aspect is key to a happier and healthier you
  • Why fulfilling your needs is crucial to becoming a better parent
  • Optimism: the “magic shield” in parenting
  • Forgiveness and how to set a forgiving atmosphere at home
  • Anger and what it does
  • How girls are different from boys
  • How to deal with sibling rivalry and adolescence

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“Cool Mum Super Dad is an interesting and enriching read. It contains so much information that it cannot be read at one go. It is better to digest the advice in bite sizes, ponder over it and then put it into practice.”
– The Star Newspaper

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