When I first began working on this book, I was keen to find out the secret of happily-married couples whose love and fondness for one another have stood the test of time. I read numerous research papers and interviewed a number of men and women, and was soon overwhelmed by what I found….

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Growing Your Marital Love Bank

Falling in love is a mystery. But growing love isn’t. The magic of love can and does stay forever if you know what to do to grow it with kindness. Growing love is much like growing a tree. Just as water, earth and sunlight make a plant blossom, kind words and actions make your marriage strong and successful.

The Kindness Miracle is about love in a marriage: how to find it, how to grow it, how to keep it. The biggest challenge in a marriage is how to keep falling in love with the same person everyday. You do not have to be perfect to be loved and happily married. But you do need to understand the language of kindness to enjoy the kind of marriage you deserve to have.


Why kindness is king for both men and women
Strategies to survive the different stages of marriage
Blind spots that might derail your marriage
Ways to win your in-laws over
Simple acts of kindness to top up your love bank
How to bridge the introvert-extrovert gap
Secrets to get better at resolving conflict
Importance of emotional closure
Tips to tackle familiarity, boredom, ego and pride
A man’s perspective on kindness


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