Penang Cardboard Challenge 2015

Associates of ran the Penang Cardboard Challenge recently. Read their report below.

The Penang Cardboard Challenge is a part of the Global Cardboard Challenge a movement inspired by a then 9 year old boy Caine Munroy, an entrepreneur who made an arcade using cardboard boxes and recycle materials. Since 2012, the Imagination Foundation USA has popularised this movement globally, we in Malaysia have also taken up this challenge to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in our children. Our children deserve to explore their world of imagination, innovation and problem solving.




In 2013, the Penang Cardboard Challenge 1.0 was sponsored by Whyte House Kindergarten, and was run by a family who felt the need for children to have such a creative outlet and since then three families have been getting together and holding this event for others to come and have fun with their families.

We are proud to have them in Penang MakerFest 2015, an admirable community of creative and innovative people.

At the Penang MakerFest, Penang Cardboard Challenge will:

  1. Showcase what was made by participants at the Penang Cardboard Challenge held on the17thOctober 2015.
  2. Show videos of Caine’s Arcade (of the boy who inspired the Cardboard Challenge Movement), videos of Global Cardboard Challenge held in other countries.

Do join us!

  1. Bring Cardboard boxes and recycle materials and we make things there. We invite the public to join us to give them a feel of designing and making.
  2. The kids will be able to play with whatever is made there.
  3. Distribute some materials on why play is important, preparing kids to be problem solvers and innovators. (From Imagination Foundation USA)
  4. We will be there to share what, how, and why.
  5. We would like to sign up families who might be interested in following up with us and joining us in the making of such events happen.
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Penang Cardboard Challenge held on the 17th October 2015


Creative projects with cardboard

Exciting ? Let’s join them during Penang MakerFest and play with cardboard.

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