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Cool Boys Super Sons

Title: Cool Boys Super Sons

Author: Jamilah Samian

ISBN Number: 978-983-3364-79-4

Sneaking out when they shouldn’t. Breaking promises. Failing exams. Not measuring up despite the potential to excel. Boys seem to grab attention for the wrong reasons these days. Yet, any boy can behave better and get better grades if only he were to put in his PERSONAL BEST – the best he is capable of.

In this book, Jamilah Samian – herself a mother of five boys and a girl – outlines the practical steps parents can take so boys choose to be responsible for their behaviour and make a real effort to be the best they can be. Based on sound research and interviews with numerous parents, teachers, boys and motivational trainers who have dealt with thousands of boys, Cool Boys Super Sons offers tips on:

  • Why trust makes a huge difference with boys and how to create it
  • How to help boys be better organised
  • How to spur boys’ interest towards school work
  • Fathers as trendsetters
  • The edge that mothers have
  • What to do if you are a single parent or a stepparent
  • Sex education

An ideal read if your son is a “tween” (aged 10 plus to 12) or a teen (aged 12 plus to 19).


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