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Cool Mum Super Dad Consultancy focuses on youth leadership, leadership in parenting, marriage/family and community development.

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The seminars and workshops offered by Cool Mum Super Dad Consultancy are led by the husband and wife team Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah and Jamilah Samian.



Cool Mum Super Dad Consultancy focuses on inspiring parents and educators to raise future leaders.
Let us show you how to inspire the youths you manage and lead.



We serve both the public and private sectors. Our key clients include corporate organisations, government bodies, SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), NGOs (Non-Profit Making Organisations), PTAs (Parents Teachers Associations) and private & government schools.

We also assist:

– organisations that provide scholarships to premier scholars. We inspire their scholars to put in their best for the greater good of humanity;

– colleges and universities who want their lecturers trained to become better communicators, and are able to inspire their students;

–  educators and parents, who wish to play an active role in raising the next successful generation.

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Facebook Group/Page

You can also join the Cool Mum Super Dad Facebook Group  and like the Cool Mum Super Dad Facebook Page which contain helpful tips on raising the next generation. If you know of someone who needs help in managing and leading children and youths, ask him or her to also join this group. Let us exchange ideas on how to best raise happy, motivated and responsible men and women.

Parenting Toolbox Workshop

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There’s certainly no way to guarantee that you will become a successful parent.

Yet, with a more positive mindset, the correct principles and knowledge, skills and techniques, you are far more likely to raise children who are motivated, less self-centred, concerned about people, while you the parent become confident and more at peace with yourself. It’s a really great feeling when you see a child of yours all grown up, making a real effort to become useful to society in whatever area or capacity they are in.

The No. 1 reason adults fail to raise children right is that they don’t have a clear idea of who they’re dealing with, what works and what doesn’t.

At Cool Mum Super Dad, we equip you with the Parenting Toolbox. We help you identify your issues, and how you can deal with it successfully.

We teach you the theory, the practical examples, that could make or break you as a parent.

What does the Quran say about parenting? About leadership in the family? About sibling rivalry? About the role of fathers and mothers? How are fathers and mothers different and how are they the same? What’s the most effective way of dealing with children? When to be gentle and when to be firm?

What does research say about ages and stages? About brain development from toddler to teen? About adolescence? When does adolescence start and when does it end?

Parenting is not just about raising children who behave well.

Parenting is also about discovering children’s potential, nurturing their talent, so they become gifts to the world. As parents and educators, our main purpose is to raise children and youths who want to excel, become the best they can be.

With the Parenting Toolbox, you can become a Cool Mum Super Dad InshaaAllah [God willing]!

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