Before I became a parent, I used to think that parenting is something that should come naturally to anybody who assumes the role of a parent. After all, I reasoned, countless people have done it since time immemorial; why should it be a big deal? Because of this erroneous belief, I made no effort to learn anything on parenting prior to the arrival of my firstborn…

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For many parents, the moment a child is born, a question pops up: Now what? Since time immemorial, parenting means different things to different people. To some, it’s a source of delight, bliss and contentment from day one. To others, it’s a bitter-sweet, sometimes mind-boggling affair, full of surprises, that stretches them to the limit virtually every minute of the day. “Cool Mum Super Dad” is written especially with the latter in mind.

Jamilah Samian, herself a parent to five boys and a girl for many years in various settings – as a senior staff in a multinational organisation, as a fulltime stay-at-home parent, as a successful home-based entrepreneur, and as an expatriate spouse in the Middle-East – shares the secret of making parenting a springboard of joy and growth for both you and your child.


What makes a mum cool and a dad super

Who the happiest and most fulfilled parents are

How little things can make a big difference in parenting

How your personal history and upbringing define the way you parent

Why the relationship aspect is key to a happier and healthier you

Why fulfiiling your needs is crucial to becoming a better parent

Optimism: the “magic shield” in parenting

Forgiveness and how to set a forgiving atmosphere at home

How girls are different from boys

Adolescence and how to deal with sibling rivalry


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5 reviews for COOL MUM SUPER DAD

  1. Cindy

    Surprisingly good. Didn’t expect that from our local author. Though it would have been good to support research claims with citations.

    Basically, this book talks about the importance of building relationship with our children. It provides practical ideas along the way which I’ve never thought much about. Really inspiring to fix my own parenting approach. Get me all hyped up to read her other books. It’s short and easy to read. All in, a good book that I should re-read again once in a while for reminder.

  2. Aizuddin Khalid

    Almost like a journal or episodes in the writers’s parenting life she wishes to share.

    Contains good tips for reflection for those who wish to improve their parenting skills.

  3. Maisarah

    Might not need this now, but just reading it for the sake of curiosity. Honestly, children are fragile and attention seeker. The thing that I can relate now is how you need to change in order for your children to change, per say you don’t expect your children to become happy and independent if you and your spouse aren’t. Overall a good book for those who also interested in human psychology.

  4. Baniza

    Courage and believing in yourself as a parents … should read as a guide

  5. Arash

    I’m on my way of being a cool mommy after reading this book!

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