Persuade With Power: A 2-Day Workshop

Course Objectives

  • Gain understanding on the importance of effective communication & assertiveness
  • Learn new communication techniques & tools focusing on persuasive skills
  • Develop greater confidence to articulate own views
  • Able to persuade & inspire others to support your provocative proposals,
    conceptual thinking & challenging ideas
  • Think critically, speak assertively and communicate confidently

Course Content

Module 1: Anatomy of A Persuasive Speech

Module 2: Speech Tools & Techniques/Speech Coaching Session I

Module 3: Speech Coaching Session II

Module 4:  World Cafe/Impromptu Speech

Module 5 : Speech Coaching Session III

Module 6: Summary and final preparation

Final Module: Speech Showcase


  • Role playing
  • Case studies
  • Games & energisers
  • Interactive presentation
  • Group discussions
  • Video presentations
  • Self-reflection


  • sufficient mahjong paper & marker pens for facilitators, participants
  • flip chart, microphones x 2 (preferably wireless)
  • masking tape
  • sticky notes. Approximately 7cm x 7cm

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