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Boys Don’t Talk


If your son isn’t the type who likes to open up, look for opportunities to create a warm feeling between you and him. For example, when you see him by the computer, perhaps you can acknowledge his presence by calling out his name. One word. That’s it.

If he comes home with a sullen look, you can say something like, “Welcome home! Are you okay?” If it is met with silence, you can look at him and say something like, “If you need to talk, I’m here.” Or you may just put a hand onhis arm or hand and give it a squeeze.

Even if the two of you do not exchange any more words, the few positive words that you utter plus your body language send him a powerful message that you care. That is the most important thing he needs to know. Boys trust us when they are convinced we have their best interest at heart. We earn our sons’ trust when we behave in such a way as to make our sons look up to us.


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