The mere thought of speaking before an audience can be terrifying. What if you become so nervous, you forget what to say? Not sure if ACTPRO is for you? Check out some of the frequently asked questions [FAQs] about ACTPRO  below.


Q: What does ACTPRO stand for?

A: ACTPRO stands for [A]ssertive [C]ommunication [T]echniques [Pro]gram. It is specially tailored for people who have a fear of public speaking, but need to present before others because of their job requirements or because they need to promote, clarify or explain their ideas.



Q: Who would benefit from ACTPRO?

A: We have different levels of ACTPRO, each specially designed to suit learners. Our learners include a) secondary students (13 -17 years old); b) college students; c) graduates and management trainees; and d) C-suite executives.



Q: What exactly is inside ACTPRO?

A: Throughout the course, ACTPRO learners will be exposed to highly interactive presentation skills, plus one-on-one personal coaching on speaking techniques from experts. Learners will also review speeches from famous orators, experience peer coaching and learn the finer points of public speaking. On the final afternoon, learners get to present their newfound confidence in the Speech Showcase before family members, friends or the board of management, where applicable.



Q: What can I expect from ACTPRO?

A: You may expect ACTPRO to be a life-transforming experience regardless of your age and experience. Your thought flow will be smoother and better organised. Your voice will be better projected. You will speak with clarity. This is extremely important because speaking before an audience is learnt step-by-step to ensure that you are able to connect and engage with your audience.



Q: How do I know if ACTPRO is for me?

A: The ability to communicate clearly and convincingly is not only a ‘portable’ skill; it is critical to success in life. No matter how smart your ideas are, they mean little if you are not able to communicate them effectively. Personal differentiation and the ability to market yourself increase with effective communication. By the end of ACTPRO, you will be able to craft a speech with an attention-grabbing opening, impactful points and convincing conclusion.



Q: I have tried other public speaking courses but it’s not as effective. How will ACTPRO help me?

A: The  lead trainers, Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah and Jamilah Samian are both distinguished speakers and very experienced with learners of different capacities and backgrounds. They will work closely with you to draw out your confidence at a pace that you are comfortable with.  



Q: What did past learners say about  ACTPRO?

A: No training module is perfect and we are on a never-ending journey of improving our facilitation tools and techniques. Having said that, do check out what past learners said about our modules including ACTPRO here.

Still Not Convinced?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with ACTPRO, just let us know within 30 days of your participation and we will refund you with no questions asked. So go on and contact us today.

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