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One reason why boys find learning in school unappealing is the way it is presented. What they see and hear is words, words and more words. It is no secret that boys find it difficult to pay attention when all they do is sit down, listen to the teacher and take notes. What can we do to make it a bit more enjoyable?

A good number of psychologists believe that people learn in different ways.

• Verbal – Some people learn better by listening to teachers and taking notes, which is the main method used in school.

• Visual – Some learn better by using graphs, charts and pictures. Using Mind Maps, for instance, where we use key words, colours and shapes is one way of learning for highly visual people. The concept of Mind Maps was created by Tony Buzan, who himself struggled in school and came up with the idea to help him get a grip on school work.

• Discussion – Yet others prefer to have discussions and are most stimulated when they listen to people having a lively debate on what is being taught.

• Movement – Some people get fidgety when asked to sit for long periods. They need to do something as they learn, perhaps by putting the words in a song or poem and acting it out.

Smart parents and educators avoid boring lessons; they don’t just focus on finishing lessons. Rather, they try to combine all the above to make teaching and learning fun. Imagine the difference it would make if you put in a little more thought and effort, so that the boys in your care will understand more of what you are trying to teach.



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