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Good Deeds Remove Bad Ones

How do you know if you are a good parent or a bad parent?

The broadest definition of a ‘bad parent’ is someone who has a habit of hurting their child intentionally (in words and actions) and regularly. Key words – intentionally and regularly.

Most of us do not fit into this description. We may do something wrong by and by, and we may act in a not-so-gracious manner, but that doesn’t make us ‘bad’ parents. We are guilty of bad choices, bad actions, but we are not bad parents per se.

Parents will realise when they have crossed the line, albeit not always at the moment. On reflection, parents can tell if and when they have indeed crossed the line or gone too far.

Spend a bit of time before going to bed reflecting on your actions throughout the day. Decide to be a better parent the next day.

If you think you have done something wrong, just ask for forgiveness, if not immediately, then before you go to bed. Just say, “Please forgive me for everything I have done, and if I have hurt you in any way.” Kids also need to know how to deal with this, what to do if they have acted badly. The best way to erase a bad deed is to do a good deed. And to set it in your heart never to repeat the bad deed.

“Indeed, the good deeds remove those that are evil.”~ Al-Qur’an: Surah Huud 11:114.

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