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Is Home Schooling A Good Choice For My Kids?

by Jamilah Samian

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QUESTION: Assalamualaikum Pn Jamilah. Is ”home schooling” good for children? Has it been done in Malaysia? Is homechooling a good choice for the social and mental development of my children?
ANSWER: Waalaikumsalaam Puan. “Home-schooling” is a possible choice for parents who cannot find a school that suits the needs of their children. It is not new in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world.

In the West, homeschooling is a growing phenomenon. Kids who are homeschooled might follow a certain syllabus before sitting for standard college entrance examinations. One example is Christopher Paolini, a product of home schooling. At the tender age of 19, Christopher became an author when his book, Eragon, was published. Eragon is a world-wide best-seller.

The success of homeschooling depends a lot on the effort that parents put in. I myself have home schooled one of my children for a period of time. I also know several families who home school their children. Children who are home schooled might finish the syllabus faster and earlier than children who attend a normal school because they are given undivided attention.

It is true that some people are concerned about the mental and social development of home schooled children. However, I myself do not know of any child who lacks social or emotional skills because he is home schooled.

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