Melbourne and Sydney Conference 2013

Jamilah Samian and Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah were in Melbourne and Sydney from 28th March to 1st April 2013 during the Twins of Faith Conference.  Jamilah presented the topics of  “Marriage versus Parenting” and “Teenage Turmoil” in Melbourne. In Sydney, she shared her thoughts on “Marriage versus Parenting” and  “Balancing Act for the 21st Century Muslimah”. In 2012 last year, Jamilah talked about “Discipline Dilemma” in Melbourne at the same conference.

Ahmad Fakhri presented on “Raising Generation Y and Z”.

Approximately 2000 people attended the conference in Melbourne and 700 turned up in Sydney.



At the Ogaden Mother Child Relief (OMCR) booth in Sydney during Twins of Faith Conference 2013.


Melbourne & Sydney: Ahmad Fakhri presenting his thoughts on “Raising Generation Y & Z”.


Melbourne & Sydney: Jamilah Samian on “Marriage Versus Parenting”. 




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