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Raise Young Leaders In Ramadhan [2]

A true leader is judged by his actions. True leaders earn respect and trust from others, consistently proving that they walk their talk. Honest and trustworthy, true leaders are genuinely concerned about people, often putting others before themselves.

Ramadhan is about AlQuran. AlQuran is about excellent character. It’s about us parents believing that our children can behave better, in step with the Prophet’s noble path as stated in Surah Al-Qalam: verse 4: “And verily, you (Muhammad) are on an exalted character.”

Staying away from food and drink are the simplest physical requirements. For Ramadhan demands us to train our children to aim for something higher. Truly, Ramadhan is about character building. The determination to always tell the truth (telling lies makes your fast invalid), to be honest in your dealings, to stay away from back-biting, to be a little less lazy, a little more productive. A little less sarcastic, a little more forgiving and friendly. Like it or not, believe it or not, children observe how we live our Ramadhan. Help them see that Ramadhan does make them become a better person, by virtue of our better behaviour.


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