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Raise Young Leaders In Ramadhan [1]

Did you know that Ramadhan opens an opportunity for you to train your children to become more confident leaders? Take, for example, the Taraweeh prayers. Some people choose to go to the masjid whose imam has the most melodious voice. If they pray at home, parents tend to ask the child who has memorized the Quran the most, or the one with the most pleasant voice, to lead. Every time.

My husband and I introduced something different some time ago. Whenever we decided to do our prayers at home instead of at the masjid, we will ask one of our five boys to take turns to lead. Doesn’t matter if the number of surahs he had memorized is the least, or if he is the youngest, or another sibling has a better diction or voice. We allow neither taunts nor teasing. It’s about personal improvements, making small steps to better yourself. The family is there to support you.

If Isya’ prayer is led by my husband, and if we were to perform eight rakaats of Taraweeh, plus three rakaats of witr, by the end of it all, all five boys would have experienced at least once, leading the pack. I do believe it makes our boys feel more confident, each time they step forward and take that leading role. Not to mention, they feel they are achieving and contributing towards making Ramadhan a success, for everyone in the family. Not as mere followers, year in year out. ~ Jamilah Samian


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