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Evaluation Summary for Half-Day Workshop @ Sekolah Islam ADNI, Ampang



Date: 8th September 2012

Time: 8.30AM to 1PM

Facilitators: Jamilah Samian & Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah


Total number of participants: 110 teachers (men and women)

Total number of participants who gave feedback: 87 teachers (men and women) or 80%.


Scoring: Participants rated the following items from 1(Poor) to 5 (Excellent). The total scores were then averaged out.


1. Overall content: Average 4.7 out of 5 =  94%.

2. On meeting program objectives: Average 4.6 out of 5 = 92%.

3. Job usefulness: Average 4.7 out of 5 = 94%.

4. Effectiveness of Facilitator 1: Average 4.65 out of 5 = 93%.

5. Visual Quality: Average 4.3 out of 5 = 86%.

6. Energizer/Games: Average 4.3 out of 5 = 86%.

7. Duration: Average 4.0 out of 5 = 80%.  (A number of participants felt it was too short). 

8. Asked what they liked about this workshop, our participants say:

  • I like the depth of the message within the simplicity of presentation.
  • Meaningful and beneficial.
  • Makes me more motivated.
  • Energetic speakers. Useful contents / slides.
  • Videos. Motivation.
  • Please repeat it. Best motivational talk ever.
  • Very useful. I love it.
  • Very interesting and informative. Able to find the solutions for the problems faced with Gen Z. Helps me to be a good teacher and father.
  • 4 hours feels like 40 minutes.
  • The engagement & content-oriented.
  • Facilitators were cool, and I liked when the facilitators talked about their experiences and backgrounds.
  • I really like the way both motivators connected with us. All the contents are applicable to us.
  • Everything that touches about our students’ problems and how to overcome it.
  • Relevance of topic.
  • The contents are so good & apply in my job.
  • Make me realised something must change. Very compact yet enjoyable. Clear points and simple explanation.
  • Practical & spot-on. Engaging. Islamic. Relevant issues faced by teachers.
  • I like it.
  • More programs should be implemented in the future in connecting Gen Z.
  • UNPRECEDENTED. Facilitators were passionate, enthusiastic, experienced & knowledgeable. Audience learned a lot through active learning.
  • English medium presentation throughout the program with I expected. Both speakers did well.
  • I love it! Points are super compact, TIME FLIES!
  • Broaden ideas on how to connect.
  • Beneficial knowledge.
  • Engaging.
  • I like the Gen Z problems and the problem solving.
  • The topic & the content. Interesting.
  • Gen X & Gen Y, and how to connect with the Gen Z.
  • Asking each generation, like Gen X and Gen Y, about their experiences and influences.
  • Facilitators and contents – simple but “padat”. Complete. Mudah untuk faham.
  • The way the speakers delivered their session.
  • Very good knowledge for us teachers.
  • It’s LIVE.
  • I like all the content especially the topic “How To Connect With Gen Z Students”.
  • Energetic speech.
  • Knowing about the learning generations (students).
  • It improves my knowledge and my teaching skills.
  • New input and new knowledge.
  • I liked the part “Which Gen Are You?” It enlightens me about human differences and how to connect with people according to their generations.
  • The content is delivered in creative ways. Energetic speakers.
  • Very energetic and friendly and straight to the point.  Useful knowledge.
  • Very beneficial contents. I need to learn more about this. The speakers are very energetic. Can attract my interest to keep listening.
  • I learn so much important knowledge in terms of the generations,  past and present.
  • Good! Inputs awesome!
  • Contemporary issues on new generation.
  • It shows facts and scholarly made slides and sources.
  • I like the workshop because it’s very important in order to connect with Gen Z.
  • Energetic & comprehensive.
  • The speakers are experts in the topic discussed.
  • We learned new knowledge.
  • The explanation of Gen Y, Z.
  • I was looking forward to have such a wonderful session like this. Now, I am open enough to make more positive changes to my students.
  • Liked the part “Which Gen Are You?”
  • Very useful and help me to teach my students.
  • The content relates to the job.
  • I like the way the facilitators deliver their information / knowledge. TQVM!
  • Now I know how to be a good teacher to my students.
  • I like the continuous energy the facilitators maintained throughout the session.
  • Video sharing and overall idea on how to connect with Gen Z.
  • Good ideas.
  • Energetic & interesting speakers and content.
  • Multi activities.
  • All of the contents.
  • The motivators are very energetic.
  • Interesting concept on Gen Z.
  • Speaker & contents of the workshop.
  • The speakers and the content. I get more knowledge from the workshop.
  • Memberi jalan atau cara bagaimana seorang guru menghadapi anak-anak zaman teknologi.
  • This workshop is very related to connect with Gen Z.
  • It should be 1-day workshop to get more knowledge.
  • We want more time (:)
  • Increase more time.
  • Conduct a longer workshop (1-2 day workshop).
  • Good job & well done!
  • I think all perfect except for the microphone.
  • This workshop is awesome!
  • Makes me think out of the box.
  • Masha’Allah. Tabarakallah 🙂
  • Gives us ideas / suggestions to motivate ourselves. Sometimes we know what we should do but we are less motivated.
  • Excellent / Awesome couple & facilitator.
  • I like all the video clips. Makes me a better teacher. Thank you so much!
  • Thanks for all the information. Keep it up!
  • Good job! Good luck! 🙂
  • Overall for this program is excellent.
  • Very good one. Need to have another session. I want more!!
  • Present more workshops for ADNI staff to boost confidence.
  • Give another workshop.
  • Excellent! (:)
  • Excellent! Time management is good.
  • Great!
  • This workshop makes me love my job even more.
  • Good and Thank You (:)
  • Superb presentation!
  • Please do again next time. Jazakumullahu khaira kathiraa.
  • Interesting.
  • Good!
  • We need more workshops with you.
  • Informative and useful for us to be effective teachers.
  • The event is simply awesome. Keep up the good job.
  • Excellent.
  • Overall, wonderful! Alhamdulillah …
  • I want to join this workshop again next time.
  • Worth coming to spend my weekend here. Alhamdulillah.




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