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Interested to write on parenting and family matters?


1. You do not have to be a parent to write about parenting and family related matters

2. Face up to writer’s block. Imagine you are having a chat with a friend. How would you start to make it interesting?

3. Write with the reader in mind. Always ask: “How would readers benefit from this?”

4. Have a strong introduction, body and conclusion

5. Include examples or anecdotes that can help readers understand your story

6. No “copy paste”. If you find an interesting idea that you wish to include in your article, rephrase it

7. Leave it in the cold for a bit of time (maybe a few days). Then come back to it with fresh eyes.

8. Edit, edit, edit!

9. Length of article: about 700 words

10. Please indicate your name, pen-name (if you have one), a short biodata together with link(s)

11.  Send your articles to [email protected]

12. Articles accepted for publication by our team will be edited for length and clarity



About Jamilah Samian

Jamilah has written 543 articles.

Jamilah Samian is an author and speaker.

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