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Infographics: Training Your Child In Anger Management

Training Your Child In Anger Management:
Tips For Coaching A Hot-Tempered Child

– Do not shout, scream or yell at your child when he is angry. When you lose your temper this way, focus is shifted to your anger. The opportunity for your child to behave better is lost.

– Find out the reason(s) behind his/her anger. Anger is a form of energy. The child may be angry for many reasons e.g. he may be resentful due to unrealistic expectations.

– Build a positive, caring relationship with him/her. Create elements of joy, love and trust with your child, where you can draw out his/her better side. Find a time when both of you are calm. Reflect on the joyful past and recall vivid moments when he/she was the apple of your eye.

– Very tactfully approach him about his temper. Share how you and your spouse dream of him becoming a wonderful, kind, positive and successful person. Carefully draw his attention to his temper and express your concern of how it would hurt himself and others.

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