Protecting Our Children Online From Pornography is pleased to announce that, together with other NGOs, we are partnering with Khalifah Education Foundation and iMuslim (the main organisers) to run a workshop:

Protect The House: Protection From Pornography


25th September 2016.

Please find below an article written by Ustadh Yahya Ibrahim as a starter to the event.




Protecting Our Children Online from Pornography
by Yahya Ibrahim


Research shows that 70% of boys have viewed porn online by the age of 12 and that by the age of 15 nearly all have. Increasingly they are also downloading porn onto their mobile phones and sending nude photos of themselves to each other.

 This is a reality. Deal with it.

The Prophet sala Allahu alihi WasSalaam said:

Allah has written for every child of Adam their share of Zina (sexual misconduct) which they WILL commit inevitably. The Zina of the eyes is the sight (to gaze at a forbidden thing), the Zina of the tongue is the talk, and the inner self wishes and desires and then finally the private parts will accept all of this or disallow it.” (Sahih)

Further, Allah the AlMighty commands men to restrict their gaze from lustful, sinful viewing of sexually charged images & deeds. 

Here is what you can start with:

1. Don’t give in and put the computer in your child’s bedroom or allow them unmonitored internet access to tablets & smartphones. Anything they want to do inside, can be done under your casual observation.

2. Boundaries and safety nets: Although children like to feel they are free to explore the world around them BUT THEY
ALSO like to feel safe and to know that their parents are in the background keeping them
safe. So don’t be afraid to set boundaries and let your child know what they can and can’t access online. Be their parent and not their friend. They will thank you for it later.
3. Don’t give your child a smartphone. If you need to get in touch with your child and they need a phone, then give them a phone, not a mini computer that can destroy their innocence & lacks your oversight.

4. Get other parents onboard because although you can control the computers at your home, children use the internet while visiting with their friends and cousins. So for safety and peace of mind it is useful to know which are the ‘safe’ houses that have filters on computers and parents that are aware of the dangers of online porn and encourage your children to play there.

5. USE Filters: The simplest way of protecting your kids against porn is to filter the web content. I personally recommend and install:

Modem Filters: The best most fail safe way is to register for an account with the internet
filtering company OpenDNS.

This will cut out nasty content before it is broadcast onto your WIFI and will restrict any computer OR device connecting through it.
Also I recommend using the Google safety settings.
Turn on the safety setting on Google search on each computer and browser that your child uses. Make sure you do this on their particular login to the computer they use.
Log into your Google account and go to

and slide the filter slider to strict. You can also LOCK the settings to ON for older kids who might find out how to get around this setting, and then log out.

If your children stream movies online and you want to be able to control what they see
to edit out swear words, nudity etc. or stream movies already filtered.

Of course all of the above will be of no help if you do not have open communication with your children, teach them about love versus lust & Haram, guard them from wayward friends & close family & if you do not build their Islam & self esteem/confidence. I will write about that later, inshaa’Allah.

Ya Allah Protect our Families. Please share for the benefit of others.

Sign up to our special 1-day workshop entitled ‘Protect The House’ and learn ways and solutions that may benefit you and your family against Pornography.

Go to to find out more.


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[Note: The above article has been republished with permission by the main organisers of the ‘Protection from Pornography Workshop’ i.e. Khalifah Education Foundation & iMuslim.]


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